Setting Boundaries

viagra capsule price lecture Self-reflection is vital. It’s just as essential as assessing yourself physically in the mirror before you leave your house. Essentially, self-assessment is equivalent to looking in the mirror- but instead of analyzing your outward appearance, you’re assessing your strengths, weaknesses, problems/solutions, achievements, happiness, and skills. Self-reflection aids in learning about ourselves. Lately, each time I’ve self-reflected, all I can think about is the amount of stress I’m enduring and how I’m allowing stress to run my life. The power that I’ve allowed stress to have on my life is crippling and it’s stealing my joy. It’s. Not. Worth. It. So, after much self-reflection, I’ve decided that my stress is not due to the lack of time-management, it’s due to lack of boundaries. I’ve decided to set boundaries that will vastly eliminate my stress. I’ve decided that I will set a daily time where I will be physically active (as a former dance teacher- daily exercise is essential to my mental and physical health). I will steal my joy back. I will not stress about the things I cannot change- instead I’ll set boundaries.