About Me

monitor http://fociphotos.com/53048-livial-costo.html My name is Amber and creating a blog is something that I’ve wanted to do since I was in college, a decade ago! Since my dreams of creating a blog emerged, I have definitely lived a lot of life and have gained a lot of insight.

macrobid price After graduating college, I endured in a career in education in North Carolina. I started teaching dance as a performance arts class in an urban high school— and loved it! I quickly formed positive rapport with my students and enjoyed being apart of their lives. My relationships became so strong with my students that they started confiding in me about issues they were facing. I often found myself referring them to the school counselor. Soon, I realized that I wanted to help them more than what I could within my boundaries as a teacher- I wanted to be their school counselor.

misoprostol tablet price in india influence I left North Carolina for Washington DC to live and teach Dance for a year. I loved the experience, and I will soon be writing about this experience. In Washington DC, I enrolled in a graduate program for school counseling.

canesten cream price philippines orient In August of 2018, I began working as a school counselor and in December, I officially graduated with my M.ED in school counseling.

http://funbouncers.net/64453-cheap-viagra-online.html solicit I said ALL of that to say, Welcome, my name is Amber and I am a school counselor with a heavy dance background. What does that mean? It means that I am heavily invested in mental health, helping youth address their problems while advocating for them, while being extremely into fitness and physical health. I want to share my knowledge and interests with you, hopefully inspiring you to be the best version of you. As a counselor and as an avid fitness lover- I fail constantly and it’s ok. Together we are powerful and together we can support one another as we achieve our goals <3.

http://orientalwellnesscenter.com/portfolio-items/video-testimonial-8340/ Running Your Life is about regaining control over your life mentally and physically. You will find posts about workouts, recipes, beauty, and mental wellbeing. If you have any comments or suggestions for a post that you would like for me to include, don’t hesitate to let me know. Follow me on Instagram!

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