3 Steps For Reclaiming Your Life

buy nizoral shampoo outline I know, it can be hard. Every single one of us has a story. A story that has had many ups and a story that has many downs. Sometimes the immense capacity of our challenging experiences can outweigh the glory of our ups. How can you regain that joy you once contained? I promise you can do it and here are three easy steps that if you start implementing, you can find your joy again.

1. Know Your Worth

generate elocon cream uk boots This is most definitely easier said than done, trust me I know. On a daily we do things or allow things to occur where we sacrifice our self-worth. For instance, we allow that colleague to continuously challenge our knowledge and question our potential. Or we are in a relationship, romantic or a friendship, that is toxic. How do we recognize toxic signs? The answer to that will be in my next post, because there are a myriad of signs. Personally, I believe that we often lose our self-worth in toxic relationships.

http://portaloinvalidnosti.net/30918-ketotifen-uk.html widen How do you realize how much your worth? Seek clarity in your values, respect your own boundaries (see my first post about setting boundaries), and trust your internal compass- do not allow anyone to speak to you in a fowl manner. The more you allow someone to speak to you in an unfavorable way, the more you sacrifice your self-worth. Find the courage to stand up for your self. I promise you have it. We are all courageous and strong beings.

http://rnmdancestudio.com/38126-ciplox-eye-drops-price.html You do not require external validation to determine your self-worth. Allow your intuition to guide you from what is right and what is wrong. Do not allow yourself to be mistreated, know what is unacceptable behavior.

2. Be Engaged

http://thomcopower.com/95055-aldara-cream-uk.html Ok, so not in the romantic, about to get married way- but that helps. Being engaged to my fiancee, now husband, was definitely one of the more exciting and happiest times of my life. However, I mean get active and engaged with everything that you are doing. Lets break this down.

cheap lasik surgery singapore Family and Friends. Engage in activities with your family and friends. Part of reclaiming your life is seeking involvement in social relationships that are positive. Have meaningful, authentic, and deep conversations with your loved ones. Most family members and quality friends want what’s best for you and to see you happy. Set time aside to keep those relationships thriving and speak openly with one another so you can reap the rewards of family and friendships the way they were designed to be.

find out here Become active in your children’s activities. Don’t just drop your children off at curricular activities or school. Get to know fellow parents, get to know their teachers and coaches. How does this help reclaim your life? By getting to know this category of people, you don’t feel lost or out of control with what your children are experiencing. Ultimately, it will strengthen your bond with your children.

Work. Most of us work and I am counting being a stay at home mom as work- because that is an incredibly important job. When you become engaged in your work and projects, you become fulfilled. Become passionate about what you’re doing.

Even in college, when I was working part-time jobs, I became passionate about them even though I knew that I this little side job was not going to be my career. I had many jobs in college and one of them was being a waitress. By the way, waiting tables is super hard, I have the upmost respect for waiters and waitresses. Anyway, I saw every table as a new opportunity, a clean slate, a fresh start. I was passionate about each of my customers, I made them feel valued, I sought to meet their needs and to give them an enjoyable dining experience. This resulted into me gaining regulars and it also helped my gain bigger tips from customers, which was financially rewarding.

Anything that can be financially rewarding often fuels your drive, which increases your engagement, which aids into reclaiming your life.

3. Move Forward

It can be therapeutic to close your eyes and think of some of the greatest days of your life, but sometimes it can be painful to reminisce about the past. Move on. Move forward. Do not live in the past and fixate on regrets. Use each life experience as a stepping stone and allow yourself to learn and move up from it.

When I was in college, I was in my first serious, long-term romantic relationship. It ended badly and for a while I regretted the years that I spent with this man, especially after I ignored red flags that led up to the painful ending. A few years later after dating someone else, I got engaged. I noticed that the more serious I got with my, now ex-fiancee, the more controlling he became. I learned from my previous relationship how much strength I encompassed and that I had the capacity to love again. I knew if I walked away, I would ultimately be ok. So I did just that, I left that relationship. I utilized my previous experience as a resource that resulted in me capturing my joy again. I moved on. I moved forward. I reclaimed my life.

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